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Here's a brief outline of the plan.

To learn the strategy, continue on to the details.

Congress is broken.

For years, the public approval of Congress has been miserably low. But, almost every incumbent who runs gets re-elected. What's wrong with this picture ?

This mess results from many factors. The influence of big money is clearly corrosive. Gerrymandering distorts elections: incumbents ignore broad public concerns to cater to party hardliners. Extreme partisanship prevents open deliberation and cooperation.

We Can Fix Congress has a clear, limited mission: To pressure Congress to  prioritize public needs over special interests and partisan politics.
It's limited, but it seems like a big enough goal !

Bad news: partisan gridlock is here to stay. Gerrymandering virtually guarantees re-election for incumbents who please the party hardcore.

Good news: social media provide new tools for outsiders to upset the apple-cart. 


The strategy is counter-intuitive, but simple: A "hostile takeover" of the primary election process.

Rather than register with the political party that matches our beliefs, we will register with the party that is gerrymandered to win in November. About 90% of Congressional districts are non-competitive in November elections. People may dislike their representative, but they reliably vote for him/her rather than the person from the abhorrent "other" party.

NOTE:  If ONE MILLION people disrupt their lives for a full day to march in Washington, representatives in DC simply yawn. "Those marchers are NOT the base of my party, in my district. They have no impact on my election at all."

BUT:  If FIVE HUNDRED  people re-register in that representative's district, with his/her party, and send a message: "We have registered in your party, and will actively canvass and vote in your primary. We think your policy of XYZ is misguided, and want you to re-think your priorities." WHOA ! Suddenly this representative feels pressure from the voting public, instead of just the big donors and hard-core partisan base.

This is just a sketch, raising as many questions as answers. The Detailed Plan below paints a full picture, and explains the underlying strategy.

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  Home          What's the Plan?             What's the Detailed Plan?            How do I learn more?

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