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Thanks for visiting.

 Here's your chance to make a difference!

We appreciate your taking time to learn about this project. We think it can have a big positive impact, on a Congress that desperately needs reform. Right now, we're just getting started, but we need to ramp-up fast!

You may have questions for us. Here are a few brief replies:

    1)  This is not a new party, or even an organization. It's an attempt to help people think outside a black and white two-party winner/loser mentality. One side is not all- good, and the other all-bad ! The current primary process favors extremists who cater to a small, but passionate "base." We want to use the primary as a tool to pressure  candidates to serve ALL their consttuents !

     2)  It may seem odd to have no names on this site -- but we have all seen the hostility and no-holds-barred dirty tricks employed by political partisans. It would not be fun to be a target for both sides ! Let's just say that our numbers are few, so far, and our founder's real passion is ... folk dancing.

     3)  We do not aspire to 'lead a charge.' That organizing effort is for others, and we're happy to help people connect. Our central goal is to help people reclaim their political voices, and to amplify those voices so that representatives in Washington are forced to pay serious attention. Ideally, this includes putting forward NON-partisan candidates under whatever party label is convenient for a November victory.

We also have questions for you.

     Do these ideas resonate with you ?
     Are there additions or changes that could make it better ?
     Who or what do you know that could help this project advance ?

We can use help from: folks who focus on the big picture, folks who focus on picky details, website developers, writers, editors, artists ... extroverts to spread the word, introverts to research and organize data, na´ve idealists for creative ideas, jaded political veterans for grounding, lawyers to establish our legal foundations, geeks to set-up our computers, old people to convince their friends that it's not too late to make a difference, young people to mobilize a new generation to take action ...

Your role can be whatever you choose -- but it only works if we all step-up and say "How can I help ?"

To get in touch, just click the email link below. We really won't spam you! But, if you're hesitant, it's fine to just visit our Facebook page and "like" us to stay informed as things progress. Thanks!

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  Home          What's the Plan?             What's the Detailed Plan?            How do I learn more?

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